Goodmorning po! Have a great day ahead! Godbless everyone! 🙏 #ThankyouLord for another day to honor you. Love you ❤️

all you have to do is to “Follow him” the author and perfecter of faith 🙏

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- This song reminds me on how much God loves his people. God gave and sacrificed his one and only begotten son to die on the cross accredited with all of our sins (john 3;16). He made his son who had no sin to be a sin for all of us,(2 Corinthians 5;21) jesus died for us not for us to be condemned and be drowned with all of our sins but to become the righteousness of God and to have the gift of God which is eternal life with him (Romans 6;23). Truly God’s love is unfailing and endures forever. His unconditional love that proved that we will be forever loved and accepted by the most high. Let’s all of our doings glorify,honor and worship him in every ways. It is for jesus cross that We live today. Let’s live a Godly character in our daily lives!! Jesus reigns forever!!

Just got in! Confirmed i’m on this flight! Ikaw? 😊 Tara kitakits tayo! Get ready for the ride of your life!! 💙 #Nowboarding #SinglesEntry #VMEsingles

Spent a night with my spiritual family 💙 nothin beats the same passion that brought us all together!! Kamown now it is only All for God’s Glory 😊 #VMEsingles #Nowboarding #BlessednLovedByGOD (at Victory Christian fellowship)

Oh my Legolas! 💙 #VMEsingles #Nowboarding #Photobucketlist (at Victory Christian fellowship)

Toured the World 💙 #VMEsingles #Nowboarding (at Victory Christian fellowship)

Currently working on my next chaps!! Lets do this Lord. love you! 💙 #F4Vstudentlife

Clazzturday (at Victory Christian fellowship)

Faith is infectious and it’s eating me perfectly 💙

Sweet sunday afternoon 💛 #selfie


lovin my new sunnies!! Thank you much @glameffect ❤ #muchlove #swag

#swag  #muchlove  

obsessed with my georgina gold cowprint flats from @karazapatos thank you so much sis!! ❤i truly love your shoes!! support filipino made beauties!! 👍 #shoegasm


Crepe for the second time 😋

Crepe time